Since our founding in 1978, HMT has led the energy industry in aboveground tank technology and environmental solutions for oil and gas storage.

HMT’s agile global team partners with our clients to help them meet a full range of energy storage and environmental challenges. We enable them to reduce emissions, optimize tank capacity, and recover stranded inventory. We engineer tank systems that exceed safety standards, reduce downtime, extend maintenance intervals and, overall, protect the environment.

Among HMT’s products are internal and external seal systems including gas-tight primary seals, floating suction and drain systems, aluminum dome roofs, pontoon floating roofs, full-contact floating roofs, seamless compositive roofs, and emissions reduction devices.

HMT offers design, construction, maintenance, inspection, and repair services that optimize tank efficiency, safety, and operational and environmental performance.

In 2020, HMT acquired Dunham Engineering, a leading structural and corrosion engineering firm specializing in tanks and towers. In 2021, HMT acquired ALLENTECH, a leading global supplier of aluminum internal floating roofs, further expanding our footprint in the storage tank industry. The acquisition enhances our value-added engineering, spill control/prevention, hydrostatic testing, and overall inspection and design capabilities for existing tanks and terminals. In 2023, HMT also acquired Weld Spec Inspection Services, an experienced provider of NDE and inspection services. Weld Spec's services, which range from third-party inspection, non-destructive testing and mechanical and metallurgical lab testing to rope services and drone testing augment HMT's current sophisticated inspection offerings. Much like all of HMT's products and service offerings, Weld Spec's services can increase the safety, efficiency, and emissions reduction profiles of industrial operations. 

HMT operates throughout the U.S. as well as Europe and the Middle East. We serve sectors including chemical, petrochemical, pipelines, refineries, marketing terminals, mining, water treatment, wastewater treatment, water storage, food processing, and renewables, including biofuels.

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