HMT’s founders started the company in 1978. Their mission was to supply better storage tank technology to the energy industry. They created products that addressed emissions concerns – and that also eliminated operational problems caused by in-place floating roof and seal technologies. They helped position HMT to be the key environmental resource for the industries we serve.

Today, HMT continues to work to bring a distinctive level of innovation and integrity to the tank industry. We partner with customers to optimize tank operations, control emissions, and create customized solutions that make facilities more efficient, productive, and profitable.

view of tanks from above

To expand the range of our offerings, in 2020 HMT acquired Dunham Engineering, a leading structural and corrosion engineering firm specializing in tanks and towers. In 2021, we acquired ALLENTECH, a leading global supplier of aluminum internal floating roofs. These acquisitions expanded HMT's capabilities and reach into new markets, allowing us to provide a more extensive array of enhanced engineering consulting services.

The founders’ spirit of innovation and product improvement continues – and extends beyond emissions reduction and operations. Our products and services result in increased safety, working capacity, and tank life span, and reduced maintenance and heel.

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