HMT can assemble an experienced turnaround management and execution team from a pool of roughly 200 preferred inspection and supervisory personnel that can provide safe and comprehensive turnaround inspection services. The demand for extended unit operating times requires carefully planned and executed turnarounds for maximum resource optimization. In this demanding environment, HMT is your choice turnaround experience and execution.

Pre-Turnaround Activities

  • Supplier Surveillance and Inspection
  • Turnaround Planning and Scheduling
  • Cost Tracking and Estimating
  • Pre-turnaround Inspection & Assessment of Fixed Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Piping, and Structural Steel
  • Build Documentation Packages on assets, Spreadsheets, Turnaround Inspection and Activity Wall Charts

Turnaround Services

  • Skilled and experienced supervisory personnel inspect, guide, and support all turnaround inspection activities to ensure that the schedule and client requirements are met.
  • API and CWI Turnaround Inspection perform required inspections, evaluate any deficiencies found, and develop repair plans to ensure the equipment’s operating efficiency when returned to service. All aspects of the inspection and any associated repairs are documented.
  • Quality Management of Turnaround activities through oversight and coordination of construction crafts
  • Third-Party Inspection activities and verification of compliance to client requirements

Post-Turnaround Documentation

  • Include data on inspected asset history from initial construction to most recent inspection activities
  • Thorough documentation of all inspection results, repair, or replacement activities
  • NDE techniques utilized and associated NDE reports
  • Any recommendations that were deferred or unable to be completed.
  • Final document close-out





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