SLOFEC deviceHMT offers reliable tank bottom scanning for fiberglass reinforced polymer coated tank bottoms (FRP). The Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current (SLOFEC) tank bottom scanner has the capability to induce sufficient current (flux) to inspect through coatings up to 300 mils thick by using an electro-magnet system. Because eddy current probes are used, the scanner (using the phase angle) can determine whether the defect is product-side, soil-side, or both.

Additionally, the eddy current probe is sensitive enough to quantify soil-side defects with minimal coating disturbance. The SLOFEC technology has the ability to indicate if the coating thickness has changed beyond the calibration range. This precludes problems with sensitivity errors due to coating thickness changes.

The SLOFEC tank bottom scanner can handle the “prove-up” of detection areas on the soil side after calibration and can quantify, with sufficient accuracy, in order to make repair decisions. This initial calibration and “prove up” minimizes coating destruction.


  • Ability to scan through coatings that are up to 0.300” thick and are reinforced with fiberglass
  • Minimizes the need to remove coating to accommodate bottom inspection and/or Ultrasonic “prove-up”
  • Does not require Ultrasonic “prove-up” of located defects
  • The capability to indicate which side of the plate the defect is located
  • Provides accurate depth information and thus remaining wall information on located soil-side corrosion pits
  • Operates at speeds that are comparable to current MFL equipment


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