inspector applying MFLHMT offers the latest in NDE equipment for tank bottom inspection including the Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) bottom scanners. MFL bottom scanning is also known as MFE (Magnetic Flux Exclusion/Evaluation). MFL is the “best” method to evaluate a tank bottom condition quickly and cost-effectively.

HMT’s bottom scanner is a steerable motorized corrosion detection instrument used in aboveground storage tanks to detect metal loss due to corrosion. MFL technology induces a magnetic field into the steel plates and then evaluates any disturbance in the magnetic field. When the magnetic field is disturbed, possible metal loss (either product-side or soil-side) has occurred and must be evaluated, or “proved up”. The HMT bottom scanner features “stop-on-defect” functionality. When metal loss is detected the machine automatically stops, thus reducing human error resulting from missing a screen signal. This facilitates direct marking of the defect positions on the bottom plate surface for further investigation. To address smaller areas in which the larger MFL bottom scanner does not fit, HMT Inspection offers a motorized MFL Mini-Scanner and MFL Manual Scanner.

Post-scan, the inspection reports generate a full fingerprint of the tank bottom. These reports include identification of which side the defect is located, and using an “x”, “y” coordinate system, specific locations on the individual plate and its depth and remaining plate thickness are identified. These reports highlight all areas requiring repair, assisting in establishing corrosion rates and next inspection intervals per API Standard 653.


  • Evaluates tank bottom condition on bottom plates of ferrous material
  • Quick, cost-effective process and does not require couplant - “dry application”
  • Steerable, fast, motor-driven scanner
  • Features “stop-on-defect” functionality
  • Ruggedized touchscreen technology for ease of use in the storage tank environment
  • Full-sized MFL Scanner, motorized MFL Mini-Scanner, and MFL Manual Scanner available


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