HMT Inspection offers Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detection services. HMT Inspection utilizes a Varian 959 Porta-Test Leak Detector with Macro Torr configuration which provides high test pressure capability and is excellent for fast response sniffing applications. This equipment is capable of 1 X 10 -9 atm cc/sec sensitivity, as required by ASME code for detector probe and tracer probe techniques.

HMT is capable of performing leak-detection services on single-bottom aboveground storage tanks (AST), double-bottom ASTs, floating roof pontoons, heat exchanges, process piping, pressure vessels, underground storage tanks, underground pipelines, vacuum units, and roof drains.

The use of helium as a tracer gas is advantageous because it is nonflammable, inexpensive, and it quickly diffuses through small leaks. In addition, it is nonreactive with other chemicals and easily permeates through the Earth and asphalt. Due to its minute molecular size and its low concentration in the atmosphere (5ppm), very small leaks may be detected. The use of the helium method enables the location of leaks up to 15 feet below ground. The Varian 959 Port-Test Helium Mass Spectrometer is only sensitive to helium, therefore eliminating false indications due to the presence of any other gases.

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