HMT utilizes 3-D Laser Scanning for data evaluation which can be downloaded into a point cloud for easy access.

Our high-definition 3-dimensional scanning technology can be used to inspect and evaluate the following:

  • Verticality deviations (out-of-plumbness)
  • Out-of-roundness
  • Deformation on horizontal sections
  • Deformation on vertical sections
  • Dike surveys


Verticality Studies

  • Newly constructed or while constructing — assuring roundness & levelness (creating an as-built footprint)
  • Existing tanks prior to repair and post-repair
  • In conjunction with an API 653 Inspection
  • Designs for floating roofs, seals, piping, and other structures

Dike Surveys

  • Create dike layouts showing tanks, piping, and other displacement structures
  • Calculate total dike capacity
  • Calculate net dike capacity, considering displacement from other structures
  • Calculate the amount of available freeboard

Facility and Piping Layouts

  • Ability to establish an as-is layout of a large facility or piping in an efficient amount of time.
  • Allows customer to navigate through facility or piping racks without being in the field
  • Ability to identify valves or piping sizes for replacement or repairs
  • Allows customer to label piping, tanks, vessels, and other structures
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