HMT’s Rope Access team offers a safe, cost-effective solution for reaching elevated work locations, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding and reducing project costs. Safety is our top priority, with certified Level III specialists overseeing all work. Our personnel are trained to industry standards, and our Program Manager ensures ongoing safety practices and equipment inspections.

We provide Rope Access services for various industries, both onshore and offshore, known for their advantages and benefits.

  • Limits the number of people exposed to working at heights
  • Significant savings in cost and time required to complete the work scope
  • Down-time is minimized
  • Services are versatile- multiple craft services can be performed
  • Work can be carried out with minimal disruption to other services
  • Shorter set-up, execution, and dismantling times
  • Adaptable to almost any task required
  • A smaller overall project footprint is achieved
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