Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD)

Often used in conjunction with phased array for code inspection of welds, time-of-flight diffraction, or TOFD, captures the full weld and heat-affected zone in a single pass of the transducers, providing the most accurate means of defect sizing. TOFD is an excellent choice for defect height and length sizing and monitoring.

Electromagnetic Acoustic Transmission (EMAT)

Electromagnetic acoustic transmission, or EMAT, is a screening tool utilizing Lamb waves or bulk waves to provide a view of material condition beyond physical access. EMAT can be used to detect corrosion under saddle supports, repads, soil-to-air interfaces, or in difficult-to-reach pipes in a rack.

Structural Inspection

Utilizing specialty equipment, HMT Inspection can provide general NDE (MT/PT/UT) and ultrasonic shear wave inspection in accordance with AWS D1.1 code.

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