Safety is vital – one of HMT’s primary areas of focus. Our people-based safety program is at the center of all our work, part and parcel of our aim to be the industry’s key environmental resource. Our engineered solutions result in tanks and facilities that are inherently safer to install, operate, and maintain. These solutions not only deliver industry-leading emissions, working capacity, and heel-reduction performance, but also outperform the competition in the area we call “engineered safety.” 

HMT-engineered safety solutions include:

  • Suspension systems that allow floating roof adjustment without confined space entry
  • Suspension systems that allow pinning at ergonomic heights and leg removal
  • Installation systems that allow assembly at safe heights
  • System options that require standard tooling and no hot work
  • Best available seal systems, maintaining tight seals to minimize incidence of volatile mixtures of oxygen and hydrocarbons
  • Lightning protection system options
  • Highest-load-tested internal floating roofs available for durability and confident walkability during maintenance
  • Progressive die tooling for ergonomic components
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