HMT provides a wide variety of storage tank and corrosion engineering services. HMT is committed to resolving the challenges confronting the aboveground storage tank industry. Our success is attributed to our exceptionally service-oriented staff, which is dedicated to providing quality products and efficient services with a safety program that is second to none.

HMT’s staff of seasoned, highly qualified engineers and detailers provide engineering, design, and detailing services. HMT Engineering utilizes the latest versions of leading commercial engineering software as well as various proprietary software packages to provide dependable, high-quality design, analysis, and detailing services. HMT’s in-house staff includes numerous detailers, dedicated design engineers, and licensed professional engineers with registration across the U.S. and Canada.

Innovative, forward-looking designs, tank usability, and attention to the customer’s bottom line are some of the many benefits HMT brings to the table.

HMT Engineering Services Overview

  • Hydrotest Exemption/Fitness for Service (FFS)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Capability
  • Bottom Settlement Rigorous Stress Analysis
  • Oversized Patch Plate In Critical Zone Elastic Stress Analysis
  • Work Scope Generation

Additional Services

  • Similar Service Evaluations
  • ASME Tank Design
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Coating/Lining and Welding Engineering & Inspections
  • NFPA/Fire Water Tanks
  • Field Experienced Engineers that can be deployed on-site
  • RE Rate for change of service

 HMT Product Engineering

  • Tank Design
  • Inventory Reduction Programs
  • Drain & Floating Suction Design
  • EFR Design & Calculations
  • IFR Design & Calculations
  • Floating Roof Seal Design
  • Diffuser Design
  • Venting Circulation & Design
  • Vapor Control Systems Design
  • Custom Cover Design for Dry Bulk Storage
  • Custom Cover Design for Water/Wastewater
  • Foundation Design & Analysis
  • Shell-Bucking Analysis
  • Earthquake Analysis
  • Fixed Roof and Dome Design Calculations
  • Fabrication & General Arrangement Drawings
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Tank Stiffening Solutions
  • Tank Evaluations
  • Vapor Loss Calculations
  • Advanced Emissions Modeling
  • Specification Review & Development
  • Firefighting Foam Protection Systems
  • New Product Development
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