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The HMT Pivot Master Floating Roof Drain System is designed to innovatively provide a better solution to floating roof drainage problems. Introduced in 1982, this system combines the flexibility of flexible hose systems with the strength and positive drainage of rigid pipe systems. The Pivot Master Drain System is a steel pipe drain system with flexible hose joints capable of withstanding an extremely wide range of service conditions.

The system effectively provides positive roof drainage with maintenance-free and worry-free operation. This results in extended service life, with no hose kinking or clogging and no stress loading on O-rings, bearings, or seals. Instead of costly swivels, the Pivot Master employs unique flexible joints in a straight-line design, with no offsets to cause unbalanced loading.

The Pivot Master is easily installed in a fixed position, requiring a minimal operating area. With a designed continuous slope, the Pivot Master does not allow sediment to become trapped in the system. It is designed for submerged service with no lubrication required, and there are no corrosion freeze-ups. Pivot Master components are compatible with 100% aromatic products and can withstand high design pressures.

Designs available:

Standard - For normal floating roof low leg heights

Low-Profile - Two designs for low-heel tank designs

Pivot Master Drain Systems can be designed to avoid interferences with heating coils, diffusers, and other internal obstructions. Stress and flow-rate calculations are available upon request.


Positive drainage

To prevent buildup of sediment in the drain line

Reliable, maintenance-free operation

Simple, straightforward design

Product compatibility

The Pivot Master flexible hose joint material is compatible with a wide range of stored products to ensure long life.

Design Features

Rigid piping systemSteel side platesMultiple configurations available

Rigid piping system

Ensures positive drainage

Steel side plates

Carry load between pipe segments, ensuring the flexible hose segment experiences little to no stress

Multiple configurations available

Depending on sump outlet direction

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