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HMT’s Unideck is a proven IFR technology that has been protecting stored liquid products in aboveground storage tanks for over 40 years. Constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, the Unideck’s structural system provides a high strength-to-weight ratio that delivers an excellent balance of performance and economy.

While cost effective, the Unideck also features key structural upgrades where it matters most: at the perimeter. The Unideck differs from most conventional AIFRs in that its perimeter structure and connections to the main girders are designed to handle drag force and torque from perimeter seals and frequent operating cycles. In fact, the perimeter structure and leg housings utilize the same design as the Aluminator® 1000.

The Unideck is an economical choice for most refined product tanks.


Excellent balance of quality and economy

The Unideck is a cost-effective AIFR, but also stands above most other conventional skin and pontoon AIFRs in its perimeter strength and seal-carrying capabilities.

Fast, easy installation

The Unideck design enables fast, repeatable installation. All components fit through a standard manway.

Easily suspended

The Unideck is easily suspended for significant safety and emissions benefits.

Product compatibility

Aluminum is compatible with most refined products, and for other specific products, HMT offers a stainless steel model of the Unideck as well.

Design Features

Threaded bolting slotHeavy duty perimeterReinforced pontoon endcapsMaximum 60” deck sheeting to maintain structural density

Threaded bolting slot

The Unideck’s main structural girder features a threaded bolting slot which allows fasteners to seat securely, remain protected from direct exposure to concentrated product vapors, and prevent vapors from escaping through fastener penetrations.

Heavy duty perimeter

The Unideck’s perimeter structure is extruded from high-strength aluminum and is attached to the primary structure with moment-resistant connections designed to handle seal drag force and rim torque without fatiguing.

Reinforced pontoon endcaps

The Unideck pontoons feature reinforced gussets and pontoon endcaps to ensure stresses flow properly from supports to the structural system at the time of landing without compromising pontoon integrity.

Maximum 60” deck sheeting to maintain structural density

Some manufacturers try to cut costs by using wider sheeting and therefore fewer girders. This ultimately makes the AIFR extremely flimsy and unable to handle all but the least demanding operations. The Unideck utilizes maximum 60” sheeting and therefore maximum 57” center-to-center girder spacing. This ensures an acceptable amount of structural strength during operations and rigidity for walkability during out-of-service maintenance and inspection.

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