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The Aluminator WD (Welded Deck) internal floating roof is the premier solution among low-emissions aluminum IFRs. Built on the proven structural components of the Aluminator 1000 heavy-duty AIFR, but with sheeting joints welded instead of bolted, this roof qualifies as welded construction per US EPA requirements. The Aluminator WD has several advantages over welded-panel-based AIFRs, including decades of proven history in both the structural and buoyancy systems, emissions welds that are raised out of the product, and a more economical installation price.


Zero deck-seam emissions

The welded sheeting-to-girder connection qualifies this IFR as welded construction per US EPA requirements.

Built to handle dynamic loads

The Sigma Strut® girder system offers best-in-class bending and torsional strength — the use of bidirectional girders means virtually no stress is applied to pontoons, and the side-slot connection system takes stress off fasteners, making connections last.

Heavy-duty rim to handle perimeter loads

Extruded structural aluminum rim and dual rim-to-girder connections create a robust rim connection that resists torque from seal drag.

Shorter lead time and faster installation

With no custom sketch panels and only standard components, this AIFR is quick to deliver and faster to install than other welded-deck-seam IFRs, and all components fit through a standard manway.

Design Features

Welded deck seamsHeavy-duty bidirectional girder systemExtruded perimeter0.040” deck sheetingLarger-diameter pontoonsLightweight — can be suspended or leg supportedSupport connections independent of pontoonsDeck-seam welds elevated from stored product

Welded deck seams

Welded sheeting-to-structure connections qualify this roof as welded construction per EPA regulations.

Heavy-duty bidirectional girder system

The bidirectional Sigma Strut® girder system delivers exceptional strength and relieves pontoons from the structural role they must play in conventional skin and pontoon roofs.

Extruded perimeter

Exceptional strength and stiffness at the IFR perimeter, where dynamic loads are typically concentrated

0.040” deck sheeting

0.040” deck sheeting is double the thickness required by API 650

Larger-diameter pontoons

The 10”-diameter pontoons are equipped with fully threaded test ports for vapor testing; pontoons are also shorter in length than typical conventional roofs, resulting in lower stresses and less likelihood of bending or buckling under dynamic loads.

Lightweight — can be suspended or leg supported

Suspension allows for zero leg emissions

Support connections independent of pontoons

Support connections anchor directly to the structure instead of pontoon endcaps, allowing load reactions to flow through the structure without imparting stress on pontoons.

Deck-seam welds elevated from stored product

No panel or deck-sheet welds are in contact with the product.

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