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HMT’s Aluminator 1000 was developed in 1992 in response to market demand for a high-strength aluminum skin and pontoon roof that can perform more like a steel IFR. This heavy-duty roof utilizes a robust system of structural girders and load-transferring connections which will not fatigue under repetitive operating loads, and will far outlast other skin and pontoon AIFRs.

The Aluminator 1000 is ideal for tanks with high operating cycles, and high flow rates, or for applications with a long desired useful life.


Handles high flow rates and dynamic loads

The Aluminator 1000 is designed to handle the turbulence that can be associated with higher flow rates. The structural system, including heavy extruded perimeter, heavy-duty girders, and load-transferring connection systems are designed to handle dynamic loads with ease and without fatigue or degradation.

Handles high cycle rates

The Aluminator1000 is well-suited for tanks with high cycle rates. The high-strength perimeter and additional perimeter buoyancy handle drag forces and perimeter torque with ease and will not fatigue or degrade over years of high operating cycles.

Handles any seal systems, including wax scrapers

The Aluminator 1000’s heavy-duty, extruded perimeter is built to handle the weight, drag force and torque associated with mechanical shoe seals and can be easily adapted to handle shoe-mounted wax scrapers with additional pressure systems.

Fast, easy installation

The Aluminator 1000’s connection system enables fast, repeatable installation. All components fit through a standard manway.

Long useful life

The Aluminator 1000 is the ideal selection for tanks that require reliable and long useful life.

Design Features

Bi-directional StructureHeavy Duty PerimeterLoad-transferring Connection Systems[Smart] Buoyancy System25% Heavier Sheeting

Bi-directional Structure

The Aluminator 1000 utilizes a system of structural girder that relieves bending and shear stresses on pontoons. Traditional conventional skin and pontoon AIFRs utilize pontoons as structural members. But the Aluminator 1000 utilizes transverse girders to handle the primary structural loads, relieving pontoon stresses and protecting AIFR integrity and longevity.

Heavy Duty Perimeter

The Aluminator 1000’s perimeter structure is extruded from high-strength aluminum and is attached to the primary structure with moment-resistant connections designed to handle seal drag force and rim torque without fatiguing.

Load-transferring Connection Systems

The Aluminator 1000’s innovative connection system is designed to handle reactions flowing throughout the structure without fatigue or degradation over time. The main girder systems unique side-slot receives all connectors to carry loads between components without imparting shear stresses on fasteners.

[Smart] Buoyancy System

The Aluminator 1000 utilizes 10” diameter pontoons, which are also shorter in length than most lightweight AIFRs. This allows better location of pontoons where drag force and dead weight are concentrated and prevents buckling of pontoons under dynamic loads. Each pontoon is equipped with a threaded test port to enable future gas-free inspection.

25% Heavier Sheeting

The Aluminator 1000 utilizes sheeting that exceeds API requirements and most other AIFR models by 25%, providing additional assurance for future maintenance workers.

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