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The Allentech Skin and Pontoon Internal Floating Roof is a cost-effective, proven IFR technology that has been installed inside storage tanks for over 30 years.

Manufactured with corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, the interconnecting grid structure provides high strength-to-weight ratio that easily handles loads generated by product turbulence and inspection personnel.

The Allentech Skin and Pontoon IFR structural design parameters were developed utilizing the guidelines of API Standard 650, Appendix H.

The Allentech Skin and Pontoon IFR can also be manufactured out of Stainless Steel or as a hybrid with stainless steel wetted parts. There are also additional point load options available including 750lbs and 1000lbs.


Fast Installation

All component parts are designed to pass through an existing manway (24"), thereby reducing additional expenses and down time required for door sheets and other access openings.

Easily maintained

Can be suspended from either cone roof or geodesic dome roofs with no leg structure under the roof; cleaning, inspection and repair to the tank bottom is simplified.

Product compatibility options

Can be constructed of either aluminum or stainless steel for compatibility with identified products or chemical services.

Heavy rim channel accommodates any seal

Extruded rim channel can support a primary mechanical shoe seal and a secondary seal without any modifications.

Design Features

Pontoon spacing not to exceed 10’Pontoon testing procedurePontoon end cap designSpecific GravitySurface sheet thicknessStiffnessDesign of the surface sheet support/clampRolled ShapeStainless Steel and Aluminum FastenersSeal DesignIFR Custom DesignedIFR designed to meet 500lb loading criteriaComponents pre-fabricated to the maximum extent to ensure quality and ease of installation

Pontoon spacing not to exceed 10’

Heavier wall material [.064”] and more corrosion resistant AL5052 alloy available if customer and/or product service dictates.

Pontoon testing procedure

Min 20 psi [136 kPa] with leak detection fluid.

Pontoon end cap design

Includes reinforcing gussets at top and bottom of cap & removable, resealable test port.

Specific Gravity

Design specific gravity is 0.7 regardless of product SG.

Surface sheet thickness

Minimum .020” – increased thickness available (.025” thick - 5’ width only) if customer and/or product service dictates.


Main beam spacing does not exceed 6’ [1829 mm]

Design of the surface sheet support/clamp

Provides suitable sealing mechanism

Rolled Shape

Perimeter is an extruded, rolled shape, capable of supporting the loads of the seal system.

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Fasteners

All fasteners are stainless steel or aluminum. No plated fasteners used.

Seal Design

Seal design based on product service and longevity

IFR Custom Designed

Custom Designed for customer application

IFR designed to meet 500lb loading criteria

750lb and 1000lb versions available

Components pre-fabricated to the maximum extent to ensure quality and ease of installation

  • Perimeters rolled to radius of tank and pre-drilled for seals.
  • Beams and clamps pre-drilled and cut to length required.
  • Special pontoon lengths determined during design stage.
  • Sheeting panels at perimeter are cut to radius of IFR.
  • Seal plates fabricated in shop based on information collected by crew on first day at jobsite.
  • Cable stops for high and low pin settings are shop installed prior to shipment of IFR.

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