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The Aluminator HFC is the premier honeycomb full-contact Aluminum Internal Floating Roof (AIFR) on the market today.

Designed with the same care and precision engineering as the rest of the Aluminator family of AIFRs, the Aluminator HFC is ideal for full-contact applications in stored products compatible with aluminum.

The Aluminator HFC has several advantages over other honeycomb AIFRs, including a superior structural system (which also aids in rapid, consistent installation) and minimal welds in the stored product, improving the long-term durability and integrity of the roof.


Improved panel integrity and durability

The Aluminator HFC honeycomb panels are formed with no welds along the bottom edges, eliminating more than 98% of welds in contact with the stored product. By eliminating these welds through thoughtful design, the HFC panels are designed for excellent long-term integrity. Improving integrity also allows panels to retain their structural strength, increasing durability and useful life of the IFR.

Handles high cycle rates and dynamic loads

The Aluminator HFC is designed to handle high cycle rates, fill rates, and dynamic loads, employing structural design and panel design fundamentals that ensure best-in-class structural performance and longevity.

Low Emissions

Full contact design mitigates VOC emissions by minimizing the accumulation of product vapors under the floating roof.

NFPA 11 Compliant

Full-contact design complies with NFPA requirements for seal-area fire protection.

Capable of supporting any seal system

The Aluminator HFC is designed to support any seal system, including heavy designs or high-drag configurations such as wax scrapers. Best-in-class perimeter strength and buoyancy allow such seal configurations to operate smoothly without excessive deflection or long-term degradation.

Design Features

Formed Panel Design Eliminates WeldsHeavy-Duty SuperstructureHeavy-Duty Extruded PerimeterTest Port to Gas FreeMultiple Support Options

Formed Panel Design Eliminates Welds

The unique panel-forming method eliminates more than 98% of the welds in contact with the stored product, when compared with non-formed panels. Each panel is helium tested for integrity before leaving our factory.

Heavy-Duty Superstructure

Heavy-duty girder system supports and joins buoyant panels together, handling dynamic loads without imparting stresses on panel welds. Supports are connected directly to this structure rather than to panels, which protects panels from reactions and further increases integrity and longevity. This superstructure also makes installation fast, efficient, and consistent

Heavy-Duty Extruded Perimeter

The Aluminator HFC’s extruded perimeter provides exceptional strength and stiffness at the IFR perimeter, where the greatest dynamic loads typically occur.

Test Port to Gas Free

Each panel is equipped with fully threaded test port and perforated honeycomb internal core to allow for panel testing at future out-of-service times. This attribute is critical to the ability to do hot work under the IFR during maintenance.

Multiple Support Options

The Aluminator HFC can be either leg-supported or suspended. Suspending the IFR provides the tremendous advantage of being able to adjust the roof position (operating / maintenance) without putting personnel inside the tank while the roof is floating. Instead, personnel can simply walk on the fixed roof and adjust the slack cables from outside the tank.

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