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The Allentech HC Full Contact IFR is a premium Honeycomb Full Contact Aluminum IFR.

The Allentech HC is designed in accordance to API650 and EN14015 with a minimum buoyancy ratio of 2x against the roof dead load plus friction force exerted by perimeter seals using a drag coefficient of no less than 3 lbs/ft. The roof is capable of staying afloat while having two adjacent flotation compartments flooded. The roof buoyancy is based on a Specific Gravity of 0.7 or the stored product, whichever is less.

The panel modules are 5ft x 10ft x 1.5in deep (1524mm x 3048mm x 38.1mm). Rim modules are designed to match the tank shell radius. Each sandwich-module consists of a top and bottom layer of .050in aluminum sheet with an internal honeycomb structure to provide stiffness. A high quality aluminum extrusion forms a frame around the sheet and honeycomb, and this is completely seal welded into a fully enclosed buoyant compartment.

Each module contains a resealable vapor detection port for pressure testing in our factory, and also for future testing during out-of-service maintenance. Damaged panels that are installed can be easily replaced during future maintenance. Every module is fully inspected and pressure tested with helium leak detection equipment prior to shipment.

The Hook and Pin design of the modules allows for quick installation and forms an high strength bolted seam with extremely low seam emission losses.


Eliminate Vapor Space

Eliminate vapor space below floating roof.

Maintenance Free Life

Independent laboratory tests have shown our hook and pin joint provides a seam nearly as efficient as a welded seam.


Average diameter HC Full Contact IFR provides 350% excess buoyancy.


Metallic skins are 2.5 times the API minimum thickness.

Eliminate Product Compatibility Issues

Eliminate product compatibility issues with the installation of an Allentech shoe seal (standard equipment) on the HC Full Contact internal floating roof.

Decrease Vapor Loss

Decrease vapor loss even further by using our cable suspension system.

Maximum Strength and Vapor Retention

Hook and pin joint provides maximum strength and vapor retention. Independent laboratory testing has proven it to be 16 times more efficient than the U.S. EPA default factor.

Reduce Seam Loss

Reduce seam loss to zero by utilizing our optional welded module to module joint design.

Design Features

All Edge Closures and Penetrations are Seal Welded to All PanelsShop Pressure Test of All Modules1” Hex Cell Perforated CoreTest Plugs Are In All ModulesNo Field FabricationTop and Bottom Skins are 0.050” thick5’ X 10’ Module Size, MaximumStainless Steel Fasteners, Aluminum NutsModule-to-Module Joints are Hook and Pin Design

All Edge Closures and Penetrations are Seal Welded to All Panels

Eliminates adhesive bonded joints and potential leaks. Maximizes strength with minimum deflection. Positive electrical bonding.

Shop Pressure Test of All Modules

Proof of sealed modules to your jobsite. Maximum quality control.

1” Hex Cell Perforated Core

Enables field testing of all modules before maintenance and hot work. Enables seal welding and pressure testing of all modules. 

Test Plugs Are In All Modules

Field test eliminates guesswork maintenance. Hot work permits can be written with confidence, knowing that each tested module is vapor free.

No Field Fabrication

Maintains the highest level of quality and contains excess costs. No field cutting or gluing is required.

Top and Bottom Skins are 0.050” thick

Selected for puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, durability, strength, and increased safety and weldability.

5’ X 10’ Module Size, Maximum

Ease of field installation and maintenance, low cost per module. 

Stainless Steel Fasteners, Aluminum Nuts

Selected for strength, reliability and corrosion resistance.

Module-to-Module Joints are Hook and Pin Design

Maximizes strength, stiffness and durability. Easily maintained and inspected. Minimizes emission losses through joints.

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