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HMT Wax Scrapers address environmental concerns and improve safety for aboveground storage tanks. The scraping mechanisms are mounted to the perimeter of the roof and serve to scrape residual crude oil and waxy buildup from the tank shell as the floating roof descends. This is an important function to prevent this residual product from dripping down the tank shell and soiling the secondary seal and floating roof.


Reduced fire hazards

Preventing flammable materials from draining onto the floating roof

Reduced environmental hazards

Preventing hydrocarbons from spilling through the drain system

Reduced potential for corrosion

Preventing buildup of material that can clog the weep holes

Design Features

High-yield-strength pressure componentsCustomized hanging componentsBoth shoe-mounted and independent options available

High-yield-strength pressure components

HMT Wax Scrapers have high-yield-strength pressure components to ensure the scrapers stay engaged with the tank shell and don’t yield.

Customized hanging components

Customized hanging components ensure proper engagement against the tank shell.

Both shoe-mounted and independent options available

HMT offers both shoe-mounted and independent options to fit the primary seal of choice.

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