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The Vaporflex Internal Secondary Seal was introduced to the AST market as an efficient, durable, and flexible secondary seal that is compatible with virtually all stored products. Designed with high-strength materials, the Vaporflex is engineered to outlast other internal secondary seals on the market. Unmatched in the market, the Vaporflex employs a simple, logical, durable design with features like stainless steel plates and a fabric-wrapped wiper using HMT’s superior fabrics. For an internal secondary seal designed to stand the test of time, choose the Vaporflex Internal Secondary Seal.


Excellent longevity

The Vaporflex is made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and inert materials (stainless steel and PTFE); this seal will outlast traditional elastomer wiper seals.

Superior product compatibility

Compatible with virtually all products including gasoline, crude oil, benzene, methanol, toluene, naphtha, ETBE, TAME, ethanol, and MTBE

No gapping

Hardened stainless steel support plates to ensure tension will hold up year after year, and seals will not gap, maintaining a tight seal over time.

Easy, fast installation

With its bolt-on design, installing the Vaporflex does not require hot work.


Can be fit to aluminum or steel internal floating roofs and used in a wide variety of product services.

Design Features

Simple, effective design Solid PTFE wiper for optimal abrasion resistanceCompatible materials

Simple, effective design

The simple, effective design of the Vaporflex results in predictable, reliable performance.

Solid PTFE wiper for optimal abrasion resistance

Narrow support plates ensure the seal will conform well to local shell anomalies.

Compatible materials

The stainless steel and PTFE construction of the Vaporflex ensure optimal compatibility with a wide variety of product services, including benzene, methanol, toluene, naphtha, gasoline, ETBE, TAME, ethanol, MTBE, and crude oil.

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