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The Allentech stainless steel secondary mechanical shoe seal for aluminum internal floating roofs is designed with high strength materials to outlast other internal IFR secondary seals. The tightly spaced hoop springs exert a nearly constant force against the tank shell to maintain the seal even around peaked vertical seams and abrupt tank distortions.

The Allentech secondary shoe seal uses PTFE fabric and type 301 full-hard stainless steel hoop springs to provide excellent durability, even pressure application, and robust chemical compatibility.


High Durability

Long life due to the use of type 301 full-hard stainless steel pressure mechanisms.


Designed especially for Aluminum Internal Floating Roofs.

Excellent Compatibility

Stainless Steel and PTFE components are compatible with virtually all stored products.

Even Pressure / Gap Sealing

Equal force is applied to the Shoe Plate through the continual contact of the hoop springs.

Design Features

No elastomeric tipStainless steel shoes, aluminum hangers and bracketsPatented stainless steel hoop springsLightweight, flexible designThe hoop springs bolt securely to both the shoes and the IFRS.S. studs welded to the shoes

No elastomeric tip

Provides maximum durability and long life.

Stainless steel shoes, aluminum hangers and brackets

Compatible with most products. Fasteners are corrosion resistant stainless steel and aluminum.

Patented stainless steel hoop springs

Maximum shoe movement without varying the spring pressure. Springs press against the shoes in a long line, eliminating point contact and wear.

Lightweight, flexible design

Most IFRs can be retrofitted with an ALLENTECH primary or double shoe seal system.

The hoop springs bolt securely to both the shoes and the IFR

Provides positive static bonding every two feet, beneath the liquid level (primary) and above the vapor space (secondary).

S.S. studs welded to the shoes

No through holes that promote corrosion and increase shell friction.

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