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The HMT Secondary Wiper Seal is a proven secondary seal that has been protecting storage tanks in the AST industry for over 40 years. The HMT Secondary Wiper Seal has exceptional gap sealing ability, long service life, and maintenance-free operation. The HMT Secondary Wiper Seal is designed to accommodate wide rim-space variations and conforms well to tank-shell anomalies.


Exceptional gap sealing

Support plates are constructed of custom-hardened stainless steel to ensure spring tension will be maintained year after year and seals will not gap.

Excellent longevity

The HMT Secondary Wiper Seal is made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant, inert materials; this seal generally will outlast other seals on the market.

Maintenance-free operation

Workhorse design and materials

Multiple wiper tips available

For product compatibility and welded or riveted tank shells

Capable of being installed in service

Bolt-on design means no hot work is required.

Design Features

Double-layer wiper tipHardened-steel pressure componentsContinuous vapor barrier under compression platesNarrow compression platesBest-in-class vapor barriersSized to fit the tank

Double-layer wiper tip

The HMT Secondary Wiper Seal utilizes a multiple-wiper tip assembly to conform well to the tank shell and maintain an excellent seal.

Hardened-steel pressure components

Custom-hardened steel will not fatigue over time, maintaining proper sealing pressure against the tank shell and preventing gaps over the life of the seal.

Continuous vapor barrier under compression plates

The HMT Secondary Wiper Seal utilizes continuous fabric vapor barrier under the compression plates, ensuring far better seal integrity than systems that rely on gaskets between plates.

Narrow compression plates

The HMT Secondary Wiper Seal has narrow compression plates for excellent flexibility and conformation to tank shell deviations, but also to reduce wiper tip wear versus compression plate systems with wider plates, which concentrate tip pressure at the overlaps and create uneven wear.

Best-in-class vapor barriers

Premium fabric options ensure optimal product compatibility and life span, even including flame-retardant PTFE options compliant with DIN 22118 standard. We offer a variety of fabric choices depending on your service requirements. Our standard PTFE fabrics are laminated and are unsurpassed in terms of durability, impermeability, and service life. HMT’s fabrics will wear extremely well in even the most aggressive services.

Sized to fit the tank

All tank shells are not alike, and it’s critical that seals are designed to handle unique rim-space requirements. HMT’s engineering and manufacturing automation allow each seal to be manufactured to fit the specific rim space and/or verticality data provided by the purchaser, ensuring optimal performance and mitigating the chance of operational issues over time.

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