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The SealMaster floating roof seal system was developed over 35 years ago, with the goal of making a seal that adjusts to the irregularities of rim spaces while remaining gas tight and virtually maintenance free. The solution is the SealMaster seal system.


Best available technology for emissions and product loss reduction

The SealMaster is designed with guidance from EEMUA 159, with a standard working range of R(-X/+3X), highest BREF scoring and best KRA loss factor per EPA chapter 42.

Excellent working range

The SealMaster can be designed to either EEMUA R(-X/+3X) or API (+/- 4”) working range standards.

Excellent weather shedding

To prevent ingress of rainwater

Worry-free operation

The SealMaster centers the floating roof, dampening horizontal roof movement so the floating roof will not be blocked and the rim seal does not get squeezed in between the floating roof and the tank shell.

Design Features

Abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant materialsFlexible assemblyMultiple-wiper tip navigates all traditional shell constructions

Abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant materials

Sliding parts in contact with the tank shell are abrasion resistant for longevity.

Flexible assembly

Conforms well to tank-shell anomalies to ensure no gaps

Multiple-wiper tip navigates all traditional shell constructions

Suitable for service in butt-welded, lap-welded, or riveted storage tanks

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