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The Seal King low-profile secondary seal was specifically designed to give storage tank owners the ability to maximize tank working capacity. With its extremely low profile, the Seal King increases the working capacity of a floating roof tank, allowing tank owners to increase competitiveness and profitability. The Seal King also has unsurpassed vapor-sealing ability and exceptional water-shedding capability.


Low profile to increase working capacity

The low profile allows operators to increase storage tank capacity by increasing the safe fill height of their tanks. In addition, for tanks with 40-foot foam chamber spacing, the Seal King allows for reduced foam dam height and cost.

No gaps

The Seal King has exceptional range and pressure application, ensuring a tight-fitting seal and no gaps.

Excellent weather shedding

The tight sealing pressure and good working range of the Seal King deliver good weather-shedding capabilities.

Long life

Fully hardened stainless steel spring components and solid PTFE-wrapped wiper tip ensure long-lasting seal performance.

Easy fabric inspection

Fabric on the outside for easy visual inspection

Design Features

Fully hardened stainless steel pressure systemAbrasion-resistant wiper tipFlexible assembly adapts to tank shellsMultiple vapor barrier options

Fully hardened stainless steel pressure system

Fully hardened stainless steel support arms maintain excellent sealing pressure and will not yield as rim spaces change, ensuring a good seal over time.

Abrasion-resistant wiper tip

The Seal King employs a solid PTFE-wrapped wiper tip, which performs well against tank shells due to its low coefficient of friction and excellent toughness.

Flexible assembly adapts to tank shells

The flexible nature of the Seal King assembly ensures it molds well to shell irregularities.

Multiple vapor barrier options

A range of vapor barrier fabrics can optimize for product compatibility or mechanical durability over time.

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