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The Sealmaster floating roof seal system was developed over 35 years ago, with the goal of making a seal that adjusts to the irregularities of tanks while remaining gas-tight and virtually maintenance-free. The solution is the Sealmaster seal system. The Sealmaster is comprised of fully hardened compression plates, extending from the floating roof rim to the tank shell and down into the stored product, thereby providing a non-combustible protective sheath over a fully-heat-welded vapor barrier encapsulating the entire vapor space.


Gastight — best available technology for emissions mitigation

The Sealmaster is designed with guidance from EEMUA 159 and has a standard working range of R(-X/+3X), highest BREF scoring. With a gastight design, the Sealmaster is an effective solution for mitigating evaporation of both standard VOCs as well as more sensitive HAPs such as benzene or H2S.

No gaps

The excellent working range, durable non-yielding and abrasion-resistant materials, and excellent centering pressure ensure the Sealmaster will maintain a tight seal over time.

Best-in-class fire retardance

Due to the Sealmaster’s full encapsulation of the vapor space with both a flame-retardant membrane (tested in accordance with DIN 22100/22188) and stainless steel, it is virtually impossible for any rim fire to start or propagate.

Excellent product compatibility

All materials are selected to be compatible with the stored product.

Design Features

Complete vapor-space encapsulation by both steel and fabricFully hardened compression platesAbrasion-resistant stainless-steel platesContinuous compression systemCan be designed to EEMUA or API working range standardsFlame-retardant materials

Complete vapor-space encapsulation by both steel and fabric

The unique design of the Sealmaster is different from traditional mechanical shoe seals in that there is no shoe-to-fabric joint. With the Sealmaster, both the metallic compression plates and the vapor barrier fabric extend from the floating roof rim down into the liquid. Since the vapor barrier is spliced by heat welding, the resulting system is a gas-tight encapsulation of the entire vapor space.

Fully hardened compression plates

A critical aspect of the Sealmaster material selection is the compression plate system — comprised of fully hardened stainless steel which will not yield under compression or operating friction. This ensures long-lasting, reliable performance when compared with competitive models that use non-hardened plates.

Abrasion-resistant stainless-steel plates

Sliding parts in contact with the tank shell are wear resistant and the vapor barrier is protected from exposure to the tank shell.

Continuous compression system

The Sealmaster keeps the floating roof centered, dampening horizontal movement so the floating roof will not be blocked and the rim seal does not get squeezed in between the floating roof and the tank shell.

Can be designed to EEMUA or API working range standards

The R(-X/+3X) design working range feature is an HMT innovation. Under all circumstances, the Sealmaster rim seal will stay in contact with the tank shell. Or, if you prefer to use the API +/- 4” standard, the Sealmaster can also be designed to these parameters.

Flame-retardant materials

The stainless steel compression plates and PTFE vapor barrier comprise a virtually noncombustible assembly that prevents rim fires and keeps your floating roof safe (vapor barriers tested in accordance with DIN 22100/22188).

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