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The HMT Scissor Shoe is the world’s leading mechanical shoe seal for external floating roofs. Developed by HMT in 1987, the design has been continuously refined since then. To this day, it remains the most widely utilized and successful primary seal in the industry. The reasons are clear: it works extremely well to prevent gapping; it handles a wide range of rim spaces; and it’s extremely durable – resulting in a long-life, low-maintenance seal.


Handles wide and irregular rim spaces

The scissor hanger mechanism is inherently more adaptable to wide or irregular rim spaces than systems that pivot around a single-arm hanger. The standard scissor hanger handles rim spaces ranging from 3.5 to 18 inches and can be modified to handle wide rim spaces up to 24 inches.

No gapping

Due to its excellent working range and superior pressure application system, the HMT Scissor Shoe Seal maintains a tight seal even in wide rim spaces and with shell verticality and roundness anomalies.

Long life

All HMT pressure-application components are made from custom-hardened stainless steel to prevent yielding under load, ensuring spring longevity and long-lasting seal performance.


Compatible with virtually all stored products; available in both stainless steel and aluminum, and with laminated PTFE vapor barrier.

In-service install

Bolt-on design; no hot work required

Other benefits and options

  • Multiple PTFE or polyurethane fabric options
  • Wax scraper option
  • Available for internal or external floating roofs
  • Compatible with butt-welded, lap-welded, or riveted tanks

Design Features

Hardened steel pressure componentsEven pressure distributionBest-in-class vapor barriersSized to fit the tankRemains level as rim space variesHandles a wide range of rim spaces

Hardened steel pressure components

Custom-hardened steel will not fatigue over time, maintaining proper sealing pressure against the tank shell and preventing gaps over the life of the seal.

Even pressure distribution

Each shoe is equipped with three sets of pusher bars and pusher plates, for a total of ten pressure zones. This ensures even pressure distribution and allows the shoe to conform well to local anomalies in shell roundness.

Best-in-class vapor barriers

Premium fabric options ensure optimal product compatibility and life span, even including flame-retardant PTFE options compliant with DIN 22118 standard.

Sized to fit the tank

All tank shells are not alike, and it is critical that seals are designed to handle unique rim-space requirements. HMT’s engineering and manufacturing automation allow each seal to be manufactured to fit the specific rim space and/or verticality data provided by the purchaser, ensuring optimal performance and mitigating the chance of operational issues over time.

Remains level as rim space varies

Each shoe expands and contracts at the same level regardless of local rim-space variations. This ensures no “shoe drop” in wider rim spaces (which could lead to gapping issues at shoe joints).

Handles a wide range of rim spaces

The HMT Scissor Shoe Seal handles rim spaces from 3.5 to 18 inches and can be customized to handle up to 24-inch rim spaces.

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