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The DeckMaster GRP Advanced Composite External Floating Roof is a seamless, nonmetallic full-contact external floating roof. Its gas-tight polypropylene honeycomb core is “sandwiched” between multiple layers of fiberglass utilizing modern high-grade vinyl ester resins designed to be resistant to most hydrocarbons. The result is a smooth, seamless, and virtually indestructible full-contact floating roof that is also corrosion free, thus necessitating little or no maintenance.

The DeckMaster remains in full contact with the stored product, preventing evaporative losses. The composite layup provides contoured layers for proper external floating roof drainage. Designed to accommodate both a mechanical shoe primary seal and a secondary seal, the DeckMaster is fully gastight, leak proof, and virtually unsinkable. The robust design also enables it to withstand operational stresses such as pigging and butter washing.

The DeckMaster provides best-in-class emissions, corrosion resistance, ability to handle dynamic loads, buoyancy ratio, walkability, and longevity.


Lowest-Emissions Floating Roof

With its seamless and full-contact design, the Deckmaster rates as the lowest-emissions floating roof available.

Compatibility and Corrosion Resistance

The Deckmaster is made using high-grade vinyl ester resins, proven for decades to be the most widely compatible and corrosion-resistant thermoset resins for industrial applications. The Deckmaster is also designed per ASTM standards for thermoset laminated structures using corrosion-barrier design methodology. 

Unparalleled combination of strength and flexibility

The Deckmaster’s use of modern fiberglass technology allows for a construction that can surpass 10,000-lb concentrated loads in full-scale testing, while also being able to flex under dynamic loads such as moderate gas upsets. This combination of capabilities is unique to lightweight, low-profile IFRs.


The Deckmaster requires no painting or coating and is designed to resist the effects of hydrocarbons for decades.

Optimizes Tank Capacity

The Deckmaster’s low-profile cross section maximizes the storage capacity of the tank, delivering far better capacity performance than most steel floating roofs.

NFPA 11 Compliance

The Deckmaster’s seamless full-contact design has been rigorously fire tested and is approved by NFPA 11 for perimeter-only fire protection.

Proven History

The Deckmaster technology has been used successfully since 1988 and used over hundreds of applications in highly corrosive services and demanding operational environments.

Design Features

Seamless, one-piece designFire-resistant for NFPA 11 approvalCorrosion-barrier design

Seamless, one-piece design

The seamless Deckmaster composite floating roof is laminated in the tank, resulting in a single-piece construction with zero deck seams and continuous structural glass makeup which delivers unparalleled strength and durability.

Fire-resistant for NFPA 11 approval

The Deckmaster utilizes high-grade vinyl ester resins with flame-spread ratings that qualify for NFPA 11 approval for perimeter-only fire protection.

Corrosion-barrier design

The Deckmaster utilizes a continuous, unbroken corrosion barrier similar to composite tanks, vessels, and piping, separating the glass layers and internal honeycomb from the stored product. It is this design methodology along with the high-grade vinyl ester resins that ensure the Deckmaster’s longevity in highly corrosive services.

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