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Various regulatory agencies recommend that appurtenances such as floating roof legs and leg sleeves be equipped with emissions control devices.  The HMT Leg Sock reduces hydrocarbon emissions from the leg and leg sleeves and was designed under the guidance of the strictest of environmental regulations.

To eliminate emissions from tank legs and leg sleeves, choose the HMT Leg Sock.


Fast, easy installation

Quickly and easily installed in certain cases while the tank is in service

Quick delivery

Delivered within two weeks of order receipt

Tailored design

Designed with the strictest environmental regulations in mind

Long service life

Premium fabric options for the harshest environments

Design Features

Tailored fabric choiceImpervious-to-weather

Tailored fabric choice

Fabric choices depending on needs and environment; specially formulated Urethane fabric with UV protective coating or PTFE (Teflon®)


Fabric is impervious to weather, stored products, and ultraviolet rays

Teflon® is a Registered Trademark of DuPon

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