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Designed to make a gauger’s job easier and safer, the HMT’s Gauge Pole Float Basin eliminates product spills on the gauger platform and provides a place for supplies as well as a place to set the Gauge Pole Float while taking samples or level readings. HMT’s Gauge Pole Float Basin is designed to return any residual product to the tank through the gauge pole.

For a gauge pole basin that will eliminate unnecessary product spills on the gauger platform and act as a handy workstation while taking product samples or level readings, choose the HMT Gauge Pole Float Basin.


Fast, easy install

Requiring only four bolts and a gasket, the Gauge Pole Float Basin is installed quickly and easily.

Eliminates unnecessary product spills on the gauger platform

Designed with a sloped base — any product from the Gauge Pole Float and chain will drain back into the tank via the gauge pole

Long service life

Fabricated stainless steel construction built to last

Designed under the guidance of the most stringent environmental regulations

Utilizes a gasketed connection to the gauge pole

Safer working environment

Creates a safer work environment for gaugers

Design Features

Sloped interiorStainless steelEasy AttachmentFlexible InstallationEasy-to-open

Sloped interior

Allows product to drain back into the tank via the gauge poles

Stainless steel

Stainless steel construction; built to last

Easy Attachment

Easily attached to the top of the gauge pole utilizing four bolts and a gasket

Flexible Installation

Designed to be installed while the tank is in service or out of service


Easy-to-open gauge cover that replaces the traditional gauge hatch

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