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Various regulatory agencies require that slotted gauge poles be equipped with emission control devices. Improperly sealed gauge pole wells can account for as much as 25 times the emissions of an entire seal system. The HMT Gauge Pole Sleeve effectively separates the vapor space in the gauge pole well from the gauge pole interior, preventing these vapors from escaping up the gauge pole. Additionally, the liquid surface area within the gauge pole itself is displaced by the Gauge Pole Float. The combined system effectively reduces a large evaporative surface area (and potential source of emissions) down to a few square inches around the float.

Some jurisdictions may require the use of both the sleeve and float. If a float is used, the HMT Gauge Pole Float Basin should be considered as part of a complete solution to make the gauging process simpler, cleaner, and more efficient. For a complete guide pole emissions control system that is maintenance free with a long service life, choose the HMT Gauge Pole Float and Sleeve.


Product compatibility

Stainless steel components are resistant to all stored products.

Abrasion-resistant materials

PTFE (Teflon®) liners and wiper materials are abrasion resistant and compatible with all stored products.

Long service life

Constructed of materials that last (stainless steel and PTFE)

Maintenance-free operation

Workhorse design and materials

In-service install

No hot work required

Can be installed on any floating roof

Can be installed on both EFRs and IFRs

Design Features

Tailored size sleeveTeflon® wiperTeflon® liner and pole wiperFlexible installationMaintenance-free materialsAdditional options

Tailored size sleeve

Low-profile, stainless steel sleeve sized to fit specific tank well and floating roof dimensions (18” - 36” in overall lengths; overall length of float is 18”)

Teflon® wiper

Stainless steel float contains a 10-mil PTFE (Teflon) wiper and is designed to operate in specific gravities ranging from 0.60 to 1.00.

Teflon® liner and pole wiper

25-mil Petroflex PTFE (Teflon) liner and pole wiper provide excellent chemical compatibility and abrasion resistance while effectively closing slots in the gauge pole, eliminating vapor emissions loss.

Flexible installation

Easily installed while tank is in service

Maintenance-free materials

High quality materials built to last with no maintenance

Additional options

Optional basin to eliminate messes from the Gauge Pole Float

Teflon® is a Registered Trademark of DuPon

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