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The Enviro-Sleeve Gauge Pole Seal was designed as a zero-emissions, reliable, durable, and maintenance-free guide pole sleeve that has the capability to be retrofitted without any modifications to the EFR.

For a vapor-tight guide pole sleeve that can be installed easily, quickly, and as a custom-fit solution with no maintenance, while lasting the life of your tank, choose the Enviro-Sleeve.



Materials and design require zero maintenance; no roller lubrication is needed

Fast and easy installation

Due to its retrofit bracketing system, the sleeve can be installed in 2 hours on live tanks; no hot work is required.

Custom design

 Sleeves are tailor-made to fit any possible guide pole configuration, including multiple combination poles.


High-quality materials ensure the sleeve performs for the life of the tank.

Design Features

Custom designed rollersDurable fabricFlexible DesignMaintenance-free materials

Custom designed rollers

Rollers on the top and bottom allow the sleeve to glide up and down the guide pole with ease, keeping gaskets in their most effective position and preventing the sleeve from catching on the pole if the roof plate becomes out-of-perpendicular with the guide pole

Durable fabric

Composite fabric for durability and vapor tightness

Flexible Design

Flexible components; designed for easy and effective retrofit

Maintenance-free materials

High-quality materials built to last with no maintenance

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