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The HMT DeckMaster API Oil-Water Separator Cover is a modular, non-metallic full-contact floating cover. The API Oil-Water Separator Covers are fitted with HMT Seal Systems specifically designed for use in separators with abrasive side walls and harsh waste products. For a maintenance-free, full-contact floating oil-water separator system with proven seal technology that meets or exceeds environmental regulations, choose the HMT Advanced Composite DeckMaster API Oil-Water Separator Cover & Seal System.



Corrosion-resistant, no painting, coating, or spare parts required — barring operational upsets, the DeckMaster will outlast less corrosion-resistant metallic alternatives

Unsinkable design

Multicell, gas-tight, leak-proof honeycomb core and multilayered fiberglass construction

Meets or exceeds EPA and other environmental regulations

Fitted with a double seal system made of corrosion-resistant materials; meets or exceeds EPA gap requirements and other local environment regulations

Design Features

Full-contact designDouble perimeter sealCorrosion-resistant vinyl ester constructionFire-retardantPrefabricated panels

Full-contact design

Eliminates vapors below the floating roof

Double perimeter seal

Prevents emissions from the perimeter of the floating cover

Corrosion-resistant vinyl ester construction

The vinyl ester resin used in this application is chemically compatible with a wide range of corrosive chemicals typically found in API separators.


As tested by certified third-party specialists

Prefabricated panels

Factory-built panels are sized to the exact dimensions of the basin and delivered to site for rapid assembly.

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