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The HMT Aluminum Dome features a clear-span, all-aluminum, lightweight, corrosion-resistant structure which sets a new standard for performance in aluminum domes.

HMT’s unique clamped-panel design and attention to detail at critical locations result in a cost-effective solution that provides superior protection of your stored product.

The HMT Geodesic Dome can be installed in-service and is fully compliant with API 650 Appendix G and AWWA D-108.


Best-in-class weather shedding

The HMT clamped panel design provides concentrated sealing pressure along all batten bars. This unique design provides better sealing pressure than traditional panel-to-beam batten systems.

Emissions reduction

The HMT aluminum dome provides an excellent means of optimizing tank emissions for both new tanks and retrofits. The clear-span structure requires no intermediate supports, which results in lower emissions than traditional steel fixed roofs.

Low maintenance

Aluminum requires no painting or coating at maintenance intervals and is naturally resistant to the effects of marine air.

Compliance with Required Standards

API Standard 650 requires compliance with the Aluminum Design Manual, including structural design using second-order, non-linear analysis. This methodology ensures that all structural members remain within allowable stresses even while secondary, local loads are applied in addition to the primary load cases. This methodology has been a requirement of API Standard 650 for several years and more closely takes into consideration the real-world combination of load cases.   

Fast installation

The HMT dome clamped panel design has also proven to be faster to install than traditional systems, a tremendous benefit to both contractors and end users who want their tanks back in service faster.

Can be installed in-service

Retrofit domes can easily be installed on existing External Floating Roof tanks while in service. Assembly can occur beside the tank if space permits, or even on top of the floating roof while the tank is full. For small and medium diameters, mounting of the dome can even occur without hot work.

Design Features

Clamped-panel designClear-spanOptimized structure and ADM compliance

Clamped-panel design

HMT’s unique clamped-panel design results in higher clamping force and gasket-sealing pressure.


Geodesic dome structures are able to easily span even the world’s largest aboveground storage tanks, with no intermediate supports. This results in a lower-maintenance, lower-emissions fixed roof solution.

Optimized structure and ADM compliance

HMT’s domes are designed specific to each tank and local/regional codes and standards, and the dome structural geometries are optimized to ensure compliance with API 650 Appendix G and the most recent edition of the Aluminum Design Manual, including the requirement for second-order, non-linear analysis.

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