Leader in Energy Storage and Oil and Gas Environmental Solutions Advances ESG Commitment

HOUSTON (APRIL, 26, 2023)HMT LLC, the global leader in above-ground storage tank solutions and a key resource for the oil and gas industry for emissions reduction and environmental solutions, has named Allie Alderson as Director of Sustainability, a new position.

Alderson, who has been at HMT for 13 years, most recently as General Manager of Domestic Product Sales, will direct HMT’s ongoing and new sustainability programs, including those focused on the company’s own operations and on how it serves customers and the industry overall. They include, but are not limited to, initiatives to make operations & manufacturing processes more energy efficient, educate on and reduce fugitive Scope 1 & Greenhouse Gas emissions of our customers, often by thousands of pounds per tank per year, and serve the communities in which the company operates.

“Given HMT’s role providing critical, forward-thinking environmental solutions, the Director of Sustainability position requires a professional with a deep knowledge of and commitment to our business. The way we design, manufacture, and distribute products and services that mitigate the industry’s environmental impact, making the storage of energy ever safer and more efficient, are the heart of this position. Allie Alderson is that person. In her successful tenure on the product and customer side, she has helped the industry understand and comply with regulations, educated on sustainability and environmentally focused legislation, and she has demonstrated clear leadership. Her impact on how we approach our own operations has been significant,” said HMT CEO Veronique Trudeau.

Said Alderson, “It’s an honor to assume oversight of HMT’s sustainability efforts and to work for a company that makes this a priority. Throughout my career at HMT, I’ve been motivated by the emissions reduction and safety focus that backs all of our offerings and operations around the world. I’m excited to lead this work to expand upon that tradition and to help set new sustainability standards for the industry.”

Alderson is a trainer for the ILTA post-conference session “Terminals 101”, participates in the API standards, and hosts conference talks regarding aboveground storage tank design optimization, emission modeling and reduction, optimal external roof drain sizing to avoid failure, to name a few. Alderson recently co-hosted a panel discussion for the National Institute for Storage Tank Management that included the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) authors of the SB 900 bill that affects tank owners and operators, and she authored a series of articles on the environmental and business implications of said bill.


HMT is the global leader in above-ground storage tank solutions. Through its products and services, HMT makes oil and gas storage safer and more cost-effective and helps reduce tank emissions. Among HMT's products are internal and external seal systems, including gas-tight primary seals; floating suction and drain systems; aluminum dome roofs; pontoon floating roofs; full contact floating roofs; seamless composite roofs, and emissions reduction devices. In addition, HMT offers design, construction, maintenance, inspection, and repair services that optimize tank efficiency, safety and performance. The company is based in Houston and has approximately 1,200 employees in its operations around the world. https://www.hmttank.com

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