This October, HMT organized its first Annual Global Month of Service—an entire month dedicated to making a positive impact on communities worldwide through volunteer efforts and charitable activities. This initiative underscored HMT's commitment to corporate social responsibility, highlighting the importance of businesses contributing to the well-being of the global community. 

Throughout this month-long initiative, HMT employees from different locations joined forces with a shared sense of purpose. They engaged in a variety of activities, reflecting the breadth of their commitment to making a meaningful difference. From supporting local food banks to participating in environmental clean-up projects and contributing to charitable causes, HMT employees demonstrated their dedication to community service. 

“While HMT is founded on supplying a suite of world-class emission reduction products and quality services for our industry, giving back to the communities is an equally critical role that we have and will continue to playWith over 500 office personnel and nearly 500 more in the field, we have the ability to make a big impact and I was proud of what our team did with the first annual Global Month of Service,” said Allie Alderson, Director of Sustainability.

Let's take a closer look at the diverse range of impactful projects that unfolded during this Global Month of Service. Each project is a unique chapter in HMT's story of corporate responsibility, emphasizing the belief that even small, purposeful actions can collectively contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

Food Bank Support in Oklahoma 

One volunteer, Vanessa Freel, reflected on her experience working with the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma in Tulsa, stating, "When I was looking for organizations to volunteer, there were several opportunities that presented themselves, but the decision came down to what I hoped would have the most impact. The Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma in Tulsa distributes food to nearly half of the state’s food pantries. They have programs that are specifically geared towards helping children who have food insecurity outside school, as well as many others. There are so many caring individuals who are working tirelessly to ensure that every donation makes it to a person in need." 

She continued by sharing her insights into the impact of their volunteer work, "During our time at the food bank, we assisted in bagging vegetables and were also able to tour the new facilities. We were told that in most 3-hour shifts, only two containers of vegetables would be bagged, and we filled nearly four. That was a fun bit of knowledge considering we seemed to be a competitive bunch. We all enjoyed our time there, and I know that I will be returning."

This captures not only the dedication of volunteers like Vanessa but also the tangible impact they had during their time at the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. Their commitment to addressing food insecurity, particularly among children outside school hours, is exemplified by the remarkable achievement of bagging an impressive 4,556 pounds of vegetables. This experience not only left a lasting impression on Vanessa but also solidified her team members’ commitment to continue actively participating and supporting the cause.


Blackwell Fabrication's Multi-Faceted Contribution 

Our Blackwell Fabrication facility team embarked on a impactful journey, starting with upgrading a local church's heating and air system through shop blasting. Beyond showcasing their technical skills, this initiative highlighted their support to vital community institutions. 

Their altruistic efforts continued as they extended a helping hand to an elderly woman coping with the loss of her husband. Recognizing the challenges she faced in maintaining her property, the team, fueled by compassion, initiated a yard and tree cleanup mission. This not only provided practical assistance but also offered emotional support during a challenging time. 

Reflecting on their service, team member Tommy Wilhelm expressed his motivation, stating, "I had the construction equipment, so I felt the urge to help someone in need if we could." His words capture the genuine spirit driving the team—an inclination to use their resources for the benefit of others. 

As their month of service unfolded, the team concluded with an impactful finale—a food drive and care package distributionThis final initiative not only provided physical sustenance through the food drive but also offered emotional support with carefully crafted care packages, showcasing a strong commitment to the well-being of the community in which they work and live. 

HMT's Blackwell team painted a compassionate portrait of community engagement, leaving a positive legacy and fostering unity. Addressing both tangible and intangible needs, the team exemplified social responsibility, demonstrating the profound impact that a collective commitment to community service can have on the well-being of a community at large.


UK Team Joins Forces to Combat Homelessness and Foster Compassionate Communities 

The United Kingdom team at HMT had the honor of partnering with impactful organizations dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals facing homelessness in London. The Soup Kitchen in London emerged as a beacon of hope, addressing the needs of the homeless, elderly, lonely, and vulnerable individuals within the city.

This collaborative effort aligns seamlessly with HMT's steadfast commitment to community service. Luca Chinaglia's reflections on homelessness carry a poignant resonance, emphasizing the year-round challenges faced by individuals, particularly heightened during the winter months. Luca conveyed, "Although homelessness is difficult all year round, particularly during the winter months, with freezing temperatures and exceptional weather conditions, we understand that a good warm cup of coffee, hot meal, or clothes and essential items, such as winter socks and toiletries, was the best way of supporting them." 

The team's engagement with the Soup Kitchen went beyond the provision of warm meals; it encompassed the distribution of essential items to elevate the comfort and well-being of those in need. Luca's insightful perspective mirrors the team's collective experience, with him acknowledging, "It was a positive experience for the team, but it was also overwhelming to witness the extent of the need throughout the year. We aspire to amplify our impact and explore additional avenues of support as a united team and company." 

Along with their service at the Soup Kitchen, the team extended their outreach to St. Mungo's, a distinguished homeless charity with a far-reaching presence not only in London but also in Bath, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, Brighton, Bristol, Leicester, Oxford, and Reading. St. Mungo's offers services and accommodation across every borough of London. 

Collaborating with St. Mungo's provided HMT with an opportunity to contribute across diverse domains, encompassing accommodation, health services, criminal justice support, assistance for women in need, and aid for migrants. Together, the team strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness, playing an integral role in the ongoing effort to construct a compassionate and supportive community. 

As the United Kingdom team reflects on their experiences during HMT's Global Month of Service, they express gratitude for the opportunities to serve and are motivated to explore additional avenues of support as a unified team and company. Their unwavering commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of those in need remains a driving force, and they eagerly anticipate the continued opportunity to effect positive change within the community.


APAC's Partnership with Habitat for Humanity in Singapore 

"Singapore is renowned for its cleanliness, and it's due to initiatives such as these," emphasizes LJ Bothma, capturing the essence of APAC's impactful collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Singapore Ltd. During the Habitat for Humanity Block Walk, APAC not only contributed to creating a cleaner and greener environment but also actively participated in the Un-litter Red Dot initiative, a monthly event that reflects the community's commitment to cleanliness. 

Bothma's report on the success of the APAC event is notable, with 20 members of the APAC office dedicating their time to collect a combined total of 23kg of trash in just one hour. This not only speaks to the enthusiasm of the team but also underscores the effectiveness of collective efforts in making a tangible difference. 

Moreover, APAC's commitment extended beyond the physical cleanup, as evidenced by the S$500 (USD 360) donation made to Habitat for Humanity. This contribution is earmarked for Habitat Humanity Housing Projects, aimed at enhancing the safety and well-being of vulnerable elderly individuals and families. Bothma's insights shed light on the meaningful impact of such initiatives, ranging from decluttering items that pose a fire risk to discarding expired food items and clearing pest-infested furniture—actions that collectively contribute to improving living conditions and overall community health. 


Team Unity in Zwijndrecht, Netherlands 

"Our team always has a high input of helping each other, internally or to help the outside world, and the team really enjoyed doing this. It also brings us as a team closer to each other," shares Marcel van Dijk, encapsulating the team's spirit of unity and shared purpose. In Zwijndrecht, Netherlands, the team focused on two significant initiatives. 

The team actively engaged in a cleanup around Zwijndrecht, demonstrating their commitment to the local community by collecting approximately 100 kg (about 220.46 lb) of litter. The Netherlands team dedication to enhancing the environment showcased their hands-on approach to creating a cleaner and more pleasant community space. 

Moreover, the team extended their support to the local food bank, recognizing the economic challenges faced by families in the Netherlands. Their proactive assistance to the food bank volunteers underscored the team's commitment to providing essential resources to those in needThis highlights not only their dedication to community service but also their understanding of the broader societal issues affecting families, both domestic and refugees. 

In addition to these initiatives, the team dedicated quality time to the elderly, emphasizing the importance of ongoing support beyond a one-time event. The team's engagement with the elderly will now be an ongoing commitment to establishing lasting connections and providing companionship, coffee, and cake! This reveals a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to community service, underlining the team's genuine impact on multiple facets of their local community in Zwijndrecht. 


Parker's Packages: Bringing Hope to Texas Children's Hospital 

HMT’s corporate office embraced a heartwarming initiative that resonated with compassion and community spirit by extending support to Parker's Packages, a non-profit organization with a noble mission. Dedicated to collecting essential items for children and families undergoing care at Texas Children's Hospital and the Women’s Pavilion in the Woodlands, TX, Parker's Packages embodies a commitment to providing comfort and solace during challenging times. 

The team engaged wholeheartedly in this initiative, pooling together an assortment of toys, clothes, and essential items. Their thoughtful approach went beyond mere contributions, as they infused creativity and artistic talents into the process by personalizing the gifts with heartfelt note cards and envelopes. This added touch not only showcased their commitment to making a positive impact but also demonstrated the depth of their care and consideration for the recipients. 

Beyond the items gathered, this initiative carried a profound emotional weight as it paid tribute to the memory of Parker Crew Belcher. By participating in Parker's Packages, the HMT team not only brought joy to the recipients but also contributed to a legacy of positive change in the world. The initiative became a beacon of hope and compassion, illustrating how collective efforts, no matter how small, can ripple outward, creating a lasting impact on the lives of those facing adversity. 


HMT's highly successful first Annual Global Month of Service stands as a testament to the organization's commitment to the transformative power of collective action. This month-long initiative showcased the unifying spirit of HMT employees, who, irrespective of their geographical locations, came together to make a tangible and positive impact on the communities they serve. 

The diverse range of activities undertaken during this time exemplifies HMT's multifaceted approach to ESG, encompassing initiatives that address various societal needs. From supporting local food banks to engaging in environmental clean-up projects and contributing to charitable causes, HMT demonstrated a strategic commitment to social and environmental stewardship. These initiatives were not merely disparate efforts but interconnected components of a broader vision to create a more equitable and sustainable world. 

“I love the Oscar Wilde quote The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intentions. HMT’s employees proved we are people of action and I was blown away by just how big our impact could be,” said Allie AldersonLooking forward, the Global Month of Service is positioned to transcend its inaugural success and evolve into a perennial tradition within the fabric of HMT's culture. The decision to institutionalize this initiative affirms the company's enduring dedication to making a meaningful and sustained difference in the lives of others. By cementing the Global Month of Service as an annual tradition, HMT not only reinforces its commitment to ESG but also solidifies its role as a responsible corporate citizen, actively contributing to positive societal change. 

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