HMT partners with our customers to improve environmental performance and realize financial and operational efficiencies – one tank at a time.

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Controlling emissions to reduce hydrocarbons in the atmosphere is at the heart of our work. The road to cleaner energy sources is long and complex. Mitigating emissions from current sources is imperative along the way. To facilitate that, HMT aims to be the industry’s key environmental resource.

HMT’s heritage is in developing and implementing innovative solutions for oil and gas storage – solutions that lower emissions. Our entire solutions portfolio has always had environmental function. Our welded aluminum and seamless composite roofs and European-standard gas-tight primary seals reduce leaks, outgassing, and evaporation. Our comprehensive inspection and repair services also improve environmental performance. In partnership with our customers, we are continually developing and refining solutions and services that detect, mitigate, and repair problems that compromise environmental performance.


We are up to the challenge of making fossil fuel storage safer, controlling emissions, and helping our customers meet stringent regulatory and investor requirements. In fact, we meet that challenge every day – as we’ve done for decades. Improving environmental performance is an essential result of all the work we do to make oil and gas tanks, refinery equipment, and pipelines more cost effective and financially viable.

We believe it’s possible for the industry to do well and do good – to protect the environment and drive the economy through the coming decades of energy transition. That’s why we are here.

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