Installation Services (AIFRs, Seals, Domes, etc.)

Our seasoned field installation teams can perform installations of floating roofs, seals, drains, geodesic domes, appurtenances, and most retrofits or modifications to aboveground storage tanks. Our product crews are specialists in this work and understand the many nuances of proper tank product installation.

For international projects or to support other tank contractors, HMT offers technical supervision to ensure safe, efficient, proper installation of our products.

  • Fittings and appurtenances
  • Floating Roof Drain Systems
  • In-Service dome installation
  • Primary and secondary seals for floating roof tanks
  • Repair service for any brand of skin and pontoon IFR
  • Floating roof tank conversions
  • Geodesic dome installations
  • Internal and external floating roof installations and repairs
  • Special design and engineering work