Floating Roof & Seal Repair / Replacement

HMT offers complete services for floating roof and seal repair and replacement. Our experienced field personnel have been leading the industry in floating roof and seal maintenance for over three decades.

HMT can perform work on any type or brand of floating roof system that exists. We can help you assess your existing floating roof and determine the most economical method of getting it back into service while achieving your future service objectives including life expectancy, product compatibility, regulatory compliance, capacity optimization, and heel reduction objectives.

In addition, our engineering team can assist with unique challenges such as atypical rim spaces, irregular tank shell navigation and exceptional dynamic loading conditions.

  • Floating roof repairs
  • Floating roof replacements
  • Fixed roof repairs
  • Primary and secondary seals for floating roof tanks
  • Fixed roof replacements
  • Floating Roof Drain Systems
  • In-Service seal replacements
  • In-Service seal repair
  • Fittings and appurtenances
  • Internal & external floating roof installations & repairs
  • Floating roof tank conversions
  • Tank seal inspection & repairs
  • Special design and engineering work
  • Specialty fabrication & construction project work


Any brand Aluminum Internal Floating Roof

HMT offers custom fabrication parts and components for any brand of Aluminum Internal Floating Roofs. HMT’s fabrication service eliminates the need to fabricate onsite, reducing installation downtime while providing a more precise factory finish. Custom designed and fabricated for each specific application, our in-house fabricated parts and components for Internal Floating Roofs are cost-effective and efficient.

    AIFR repair parts and components include:
  • Custom 8”, 10”, or 12” diameter aluminum pontoons with retrofit end caps to accommodate any AIFR
  • Custom column, gauge pole and ladder seals
  • Custom emission control devices: ladder and gauge pole emission sleeves, gauge pole plugs and specialty emission control devices
  • Primary and secondary wiper seal pre-punched to bolt pattern
  • Custom Teflon® leg support pads to fit any support leg and
  • Replacement legs can be fabricated in any size

Teflon® is a Registered Trademark of DuPont