Steel Tank Types and Comparison

PTC can construct multiple types of steel tanks. Specific operational requirements are key in determining the type of tank that will provide you the most cost efficient and long term service. Below is a comparison chart of some common roof types to help in your selection. Our experienced sales team will gladly assist you in selecting and configuring a tank to meet your specific needs.


Steel Tanks

Self supporting cone

self supporting umbrella

self supporting dome roof

supported cone (No ifr)

External Floating Roof

Internal Floating Roof

Size Limitation (Approximate Dia.) < 40 ft. <90 ft. <100 ft. >20 ft. >30 ft. >30 ft.
Internal Pressure Good Better Best Limited N/A Limited
Corrosive Products Best Best Best Limited Limited
Emissions Control (No Gas Blanket) Good Good Good Good Better Best
Emissions Control (Gas Blanket) Good
Better Best Good N/A Best
Storm Resistance (Rain, Wind, Snow) Better Best Best Better Good Best
Capacity Best Best Best Better Limited Limited
Cost Low Low High Mid Higher Highest