Quick Draw Bottom Sump

Tank Working Capacity / Heel Reduction Solution


Optimizing financial performance is key in aboveground storage tank operations. One very effective way to optimize tank performance is to reduce ‘heel’ volume. HMT’s Quick Draw Bottom Sump considerably increases usable tank capacity and reduces heel, enabling tank owners to utilize previously stranded inventory.

The HMT Quick Draw Bottom Sump can be installed in new or existing tanks and is one of many solutions HMT offers to optimize tank working capacity.

For a tank optimization solution that reduces heel, increases working capacity and has a rapid return on investment, choose the HMT Quick Draw Bottom Sump.

    Key Benefits
    The HMT Quick Draw Bottom Sump can help improve aboveground storage tank working capacity. Here’s how:
  • Reduce heel; increase usable tank capacity— the HMT Quick Draw bottom sump allows access to stranded inventory, optimizing tank working capacity
  • Rapid return on investment — in most cases, the investment to equip a tank with the Quick Draw Bottom Sump is returned on the first tank cycle via increased capacity and usable inventory
  • Allows for rapid filling and emptying — unique sloped design allows for expedited tank filling and emptying
    Key Design Features
  • Custom designed for specific operational needs of each tank
  • All tank inlet and outlet connections and water draw-off connections are located beneath the level of the tank bottom
  • Piping routed under tank bottom to the exterior of the tank where it can be tied into applicable lines
  • Can be installed in new or existing tanks with single or double bottom construction
  • Provides a drain dry feature in cases of eccentrically sloped bottoms