SumpMaster™ Sump Valve


The SumpMasterTM is a sturdy sump valve designed to prevent product flow onto external
floating roofs from drain system failures. The SumpMasterTM addresses several problems with
traditional check valves, including more effective sealing at the potentially lower pressures
encountered during a drain system failure, and not restricting drain flow rates calculated during
the design of the floating roof.

    Key Benefits
  • Backflow protection and peace of mind — the SumpMasterTM keeps your roof protected from
    product backflow in the event of drain system failure.
  • Maintenance-free — corrosion resistant, stainless steel construction.
  • Superior sealing capability — in the event of product backflow, the SumpMasterTM will seal
    more effectively than traditional systems. Over time, metallic-ball systems develop dents
    from normal movement, resulting in an uneven sealing surface. The non-metallic ball of the
    SumpMasterTM will not wear or dent, maintaining excellent sealing capabilities for the life of the tank.
  • Fast and easy installation — easy bolt on / bolt off flanges.
  • Custom designed — SumpMasterTM can be fit with the customer’s choice of flanges.
    Key Design Features
  • Designed to operate effectively at very low backflow pressures as opposed to the higher
    pressures required by traditional check valves
  • Vacuum release allows the check ball to release in the event rainwater backs up inside the sump.
    When the drain line is opened from below, the ball is allowed to fall and the roof allowed to drain
  • Non-metallic ball for superior wear and corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel body for superior wear and corrosion resistance
  • A unique steel cage keeps the SumpMasterTM free of debris
  • Can be vertical or horizontal