Roof Drain and Floating Suction / Skimmer Systems

The patented HMT PIVOT MASTER™ Flexible Joint was designed to provide a superior solution to floating roof drainage over mechanical swivel joints and flexible hoses. The HMT PIVOT MASTER™ Flexible Joint consists of a specially designed composite type hose containing ANSI 150# raised faced flanges secured in place by a pivotal steel side plate structure.

The composite hose is designed with inner and outer stainless steel wire helixes and multiple inner layers of polar and non-polar elastomeric materials. The stainless steel wire helixes maintain the hose rigidity when subjected to internal or external pressures. Utilizing various layers of Polar and Non-Polar elastomeric materials prevents permeation of products through the hose along with providing a 100% aromatic resistant barrier.

The composite hose is secured within two reinforced steel side plates (primed or galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel). These side plates are joined by a stainless steel pivotal pin that uses stainless steel bushings and spacers to eliminate binding and assure flexibility.

Applications of the PIVOT MASTER™ Flexible Joint include, but are not limited to, Floating Roof Drain Systems, Floating Suctions Systems and Floating Skimmer Systems.