PIVOT MASTER Floating Suction & Skimmer Systems

Floating Suction & Skimmer System



    HMT provides Floating Suction Systems designed to enable the removal of the stored product near the product surface, contaminant-free. HMT’s Floating Suctions are engineered to operate in conjunction with all types of floating roofs or without a floating roof.

    The HMT Floating Suction System is designed to meet all requirements of the storage tank size and submerged environment. All components are compatible with the stored product providing a long life and trouble free system that will be custom designed for your specific application.

    HMT Floating Suction units (3” – 10”) utilize the HMT PIVOT MASTER™ Flex Joint instead of a mechanical swivel, rigid piping (carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum) and custom designed pressure tested flotation chambers. HMT pre-fabricated Floating Suction Systems can be shipped to the site for final assembly and installation by an HMT service crew or installed by others.

    • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum
    • Available in standard sizes of 3”, 4”, 6”, 8” & 10”
    • Larger sizes available upon request
    • Designed according to tank characteristics
    • Installed with all types of floating roofs
    • Maintenance free, smooth controlled operation
    • Compatible with stored product
    • Allows for removal of non-contaminated product

HMT provides Skimmer Systems utilizing the PIVOT MASTER® flexible joint. Mixtures of liquids with different densities (such as oil and water) tend to stratify in a storage tank. A Skimmer System is designed to enable the removal of the lighter product(s) that float to the top. HMT has Skimmer System designs that are engineered to operate in conjunction with all types of floating roofs or without a floating roof. Contact your HMT representative for additional information.

    The patented HMT PIVOT MASTER™ Flexible Joint was designed to provide a superior solution to floating roof drainage over mechanical swivel joints and flexible hoses.

    The HMT PIVOT MASTER™ Flexible Joint consists of a specially designed composite type hose containing ANSI 150# raised faced flanges secured in place by a pivotal steel side plate structure.

    The composite hose is designed with inner and outer stainless steel wire helixes and multiple inner layers of polar and non-polar elastomeric materials. The stainless steel wire helixes maintain the hose rigidity when subjected to internal or external pressures. Utilizing various layers of Polar and Non-Polar elastomeric materials prevents permeation of products through the hose along with providing a 100% aromatic resistant barrier.

    The composite hose is secured within two reinforced steel side plates (primed or galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel). These side plates are joined by a stainless steel pivotal pin that uses stainless steel bushings and spacers to eliminate binding and assure flexibility.

    Applications of the PIVOT MASTER™ Flexible Joint include, but are not limited to, Floating Roof Drain Systems, Floating Suctions Systems and Floating Skimmer Systems.

    Key Benefits
  • Continuous slope promotes free flow
  • Continuous slope eliminates sediment trap areas
  • Fixed position doesn’t interfere with tank internals
  • Small, unobstructed area required for operation
  • Fixed position does not scrape or drag on tank bottom
  • Compatible with wide range of products
  • No maintenance required
  • No lubrication required
  • No stress or load on hose end connections
  • No leaking due to offset tank joints
  • No leaking due to deterioration of O-rings, bearings or seals
  • System designed for submerged external pressure use
  • High operating pressure
  • No system damage due to tank turbulence
  • In stock for immediate delivery