PIVOT MASTER Floating Roof Drain System

Floating Roof Drain



    The HMT PIVOT MASTER™ Floating Roof Drain System is designed to innovatively provide a better solution to floating roof drainage problems. Introduced in 1982, this system combines the flexibility of the various flexible hose / pipe systems with the strength found in rigid pipe / swivel joint systems. The PIVOT MASTER™ Drain System is a steel pipe drain system with flexible hose joints capable of withstanding an extremely wide range of service conditions.

    The system effectively provides positive roof drainage with maintenance-free and worry-free operation. This results in extended service life, with no hose kinking or clogging, and no stress loading on O-rings, bearings or seals. Instead of costly swivels, the PIVOT MASTER™ employs unique flexible joints in a straight-line design, with no offsets to cause unbalanced loading.

    The PIVOT MASTER™ is easily installed in a fixed position, requiring a minimal operating area. With a designed continuous slope, the PIVOT MASTER™ does not allow sediment to become trapped in the system. It is designed for submerged service with no lubrication required, and there are no corrosion freeze-ups. PIVOT MASTER™ components are compatible with 100% aromatic products and can withstand high design pressures.

    Designs available: Standard - For normal floating roof low leg heights; Low Profile - Two designs for low heel tank designs; Multiple - Two or more standard or Low Profile drains per tank

    PIVOT MASTER™ Drain Systems can be designed to avoid interferences with heating coils, diffusers and other internal obstructions. Stress and flow rate calculations are available upon request.

    The patented HMT PIVOT MASTER™ Flexible Joint was designed to provide a superior solution to floating roof drainage over mechanical swivel joints and flexible hoses.

    The HMT PIVOT MASTER™ Flexible Joint consists of a specially designed composite type hose containing ANSI 150# raised faced flanges secured in place by a pivotal steel side plate structure.

    The composite hose is designed with inner and outer stainless steel wire helixes and multiple inner layers of polar and non-polar elastomeric materials. The stainless steel wire helixes maintain the hose rigidity when subjected to internal or external pressures. Utilizing various layers of Polar and Non-Polar elastomeric materials prevents permeation of products through the hose along with providing a 100% aromatic resistant barrier.

    The composite hose is secured within two reinforced steel side plates (primed or galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel). These side plates are joined by a stainless steel pivotal pin that uses stainless steel bushings and spacers to eliminate binding and assure flexibility.

    Applications of the PIVOT MASTER™ Flexible Joint include, but are not limited to, Floating Roof Drain Systems, Floating Suctions Systems and Floating Skimmer Systems.

    Key Benefits
  • Continuous slope promotes free flow
  • Continuous slope eliminates sediment trap areas
  • Fixed position doesn’t interfere with tank internals
  • Low-profile options available
  • Small, unobstructed area required for operation
  • Fixed position does not scrape or drag on tank bottom
  • Compatible with wide range of products
  • No maintenance required
  • No lubrication required
  • No stress or load on hose end connections
  • No leaking due to offset tank joints
  • No leaking due to deterioration of O-rings, bearings or seals
  • System designed for submerged external pressure use
  • High operating pressure
  • No system damage due to tank turbulence
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