UNIDECK® Stainless Steel IFR

Skin & Pontoon Internal Floating Roof


The HMT UNIDECK® Stainless Steel Skin & Pontoon Internal Floating Roof is a cost-effective, proven IFR technology that has been protecting stored liquid products in aboveground storage tanks for over 30 years.

Constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the interconnecting grid structure provides a high strength-to-weight ratio that easily handles loads generated by product turbulence and inspection personnel. The UNIDECK® structural design parameters were developed utilizing the guidelines of API Standard 650, Appendix H.

For a proven, cost-effective IFR technology, choose the HMT UNIDECK®.

    Key Benefits
    The UNIDECK® is a great alternative to traditional steel floating roofs for medium-duty applications.
  • Easy, fast installation — all component parts are designed to pass through an existing manway, thereby reducing additional expenses and down time required for door sheets and other access openings
  • Easily maintained — can be suspended from either cone roof or geodesic dome roofs with no leg structure under the roof; cleaning, inspection and repairs to the tank bottom is simplified
  • Product compatibility options — can be constructed of either aluminum or stainless steel for compatibility with identified products or chemical services
  • Heavy rim channel accommodates any seal — extruded rim channel can support a primary mechanical shoe seal and a secondary seal without any modifications
    Key Design Features
  • Works with either leg-supported or suspended systems
  • Pontoons equipped with fully-threaded test port for vapor testing
  • Bolt-up assembly; no hot work required
  • All components fit through manway for quick, easy installation
  • Available in either aluminum or stainless models for complete chemical compatibility