Skin & Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs


HMT offers a comprehensive line of internal floating roofs for aboveground storage tanks. Constructed with a variety of materials for product compatibility, HMT internal floating roofs are customized for each specific storage tank. From Skin and Pontoon to Full Contact, HMTs internal floating roofs are unmatched in design, quality, craftsmanship and commitment to offering comprehensive solutions including working capacity optimization, emissions reduction, heel reduction and storage tank asset longevity. All HMT internal floating roofs are engineered with safety top of mind.

Compare HMT’s Skin & Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs

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Skin & Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs

Unideck ®

Aluminator® 1000

Mitigates IFR emissions loss Good Good
Girder System Configuration Unidirectional Bidirectional
Supports primary shoe seal and secondary seal without modifications
Buoyancy Ratio Good Good
Buoyancy compartments equipped with gas detection ports
Durability & strength* Good Best
Utilizes extruded rim
Available as hybrid stainless & aluminum
Available as 100% stainless steel
Girders utilize threaded bolting slot
Ability to suspend
Corrosion resistance - aluminum Excellent Excellent
Corrosion resistance - stainless / hybrid Best Best
Applicable guidelines API 650, EN 14015 API 650, EN 14015

*Tank design specs (eg. The use of diffusers) are a factor when selecting an IFR. Additional design specs must be included when speaking with an HMT Representative. Design specs impact the flow rates and cycle frequencies of IFRs.