DeckMaster Advanced Composite IFR

Full Contact Internal Floating Roof    


The DeckMaster advanced composite full contact floating roof is a seamless, non-metallic full-contact floating roof that can also be referred to as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) or GRE (Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Vinyl Ester) floating roof. Its gas-tight polypropylene honeycomb core is “sandwiched” between multiple layers of fiberglass utilizing modern high-grade Vinyl Ester resins designed to be resistant to most hydrocarbons in the petrochemical industry. The result is a smooth, seamless and virtually indestructible full-contact floating roof that also is corrosion free, thus necessitating little or no maintenance.

The DeckMaster advanced composite floating roof remains in full contact with the stored product, preventing evaporative losses. The low-profile cross section of the roof maximizes the storage capacity of the tank. Designed to accommodate both a mechanical shoe primary seal and a secondary seal, the DeckMaster is fully gas-tight, leak proof and unsinkable. The robust design also enables it to withstand operational stresses such as pigging and butter washing.

    Key Benefits
  • Maintenance-free — corrosion resistant, requires no painting, coating or spare parts
  • Minimal construction time & disruption — all materials fit through one 24” manway
  • Unsinkable — due to its multi-cell, gas-tight, leak-proof honeycomb core and the cured-in-place multi-layered fiberglass construction
  • Fully engineered and field-proven — 27+ years, hundreds of installations, internal and external, with dozens of major oil & gas end-users
  • Maximizes tank capacity — low-profile cross-section increases working capacity
  • Virtually indestructible — aerospace composite sandwich construction
  • Zero deck seam emissions — qualifies as welded construction
  • Qualifies for perimeter-only fire protection per EPA air rules
  • Smooth surface — excellent for cleaning
  • Complies with API 650, Annex H
    Key Design Features
  • Full-contact design — to eliminate vapors below the internal floating roof
  • Gas-tight design — to accommodate both a mechanical shoe primary & secondary seals
  • High strength — to withstand pigging, light-end slugs and turbulence from high fill rates
  • Seamless — single-piece construction qualifies for zero-deck-seam emissions per EPA air rules
  • Chemically resistant — to virtually all products typically stored in floating roof tanks
  • Fire retardant — test witnessed by LASTFIRE the recognized international industry body developing best
    practice standards in storage tank fire hazard management and approved for perimeter-only fire protection per NFPA11, 2016 Edition
  • Bolted Option — Available in pre-fabricated bolt-up panels for specific applications