Aluminator® HFC

Honeycomb Panel, Aluminum Full Contact IFR    


    Key Benefits
    The HMT ALUMINATOR® HFC primary benefits include:
  • High strength and durability — heavy duty, continuous structural system that withstands high flow rates and operating loads
  • Long life span and reduced maintenance
  • Improved emissions – eliminates more than 98% of the welds in contact with the stored product, versus existing steel and aluminum IFRs
  • Can be suspended or leg-supported; suspension system can be adjusted from outside the tank, eliminating the need for confined-space entry
  • Increased tank working capacity; low profile, low suspension, reduced heel
  • Fast installation times; low installation costs
    Key Design Features
  • System consisting of a completely enclosed compartment of aluminum honeycomb core structure, sandwiched between aluminum framing panels for durability and strength
  • Unparalleled buoyancy ratio and excellent redundancy; more than double the buoyancy required by API 650
  • Superior structural system with minimal welds in contact with the stored product, improving the long-term durability and integrity of the roof
  • Heavy duty rim to create excellent strength and durability at the perimeter; easily equipped with any seal system
  • Roof support structure can be either via top-side suspension system or support legs (fixed or adjustable attached to the IFR)
  • Open-cavity design to facilitate gas-free certification of panels
  • Low profile allows optimized tank working capacity
  • Easy installation and maintenance