Scissor Shoe Primary Seal

Internal Floating Roof Mechanical Shoe Seal



The HMT Scissor Shoe Primary Seal is a great choice for internal floating roofs with large rim spaces. The scissor shoe seal is the most widely utilized and successful primary seal in the industry. The reasons are clear: it works and it’s extremely durable.

For a primary seal that will last, perform well through heavy use, adapt to tank roundness anomalies, span a wide range of rim spaces, and most importantly, maintain tank-shell contact resulting in no gaps, choose the HMT Scissor Shoe.

    Key Benefits
    The HMT Scissor Shoe Primary Seal relies on innovative design features that contribute key benefits to the end user:
  • Handles wide range of rim spaces — scissor hanger design performs well in rim spaces ranging from 3.5” to 18” and can be custom-designed to handle rim spaces up to 24”
  • No gapping — good seal even with wide-ranging rim spaces and tank roundness anomalies
  • Long life — key components made from custom-hardened stainless steel, ensuring spring longevity and long-lasting seal performance
  • Low maintenance — workhorse design and materials
  • In-service install — no hot work required
    Key Design Features
  • Custom-hardened steel will not fatigue
  • Ten pressure points per shoe create even pressure distribution across the entire shoe
  • HMT’s scissor shoe stays level as the rim space varies, ensuring a tight fit as roof travels
  • Premium fabrics for long-life and durability of vapor barrier
  • Bolt-on design allows for installation and repair while in service
  • Each HMT seal is designed and sized to fit the specific tank and floating roof dimensions
  • PTFE fabrics have excellent flame retardant properties; meets DIN 22118 standard