Retro-Fit Primary Seal

Mechanical Shoe Seal for Lightweight Aluminum IFRs



HMT’s Retro-Fit Mechanical Shoe Seal was designed to solve a common problem in the AST industry: how to safely and effectively add a primary mechanical shoe seal to an existing lightweight aluminum IFR. This seal employs a unique system of pontoons to provide additional buoyancy required at the perimeter and a compression ring to give the rim added strength and torque resistance to handle the drag forces exerted by the shoe seal. The Retro-Fit Mechanical Shoe Seal provides a long service life, compatibility with virtually all stored products and a tight fit to aid in eliminating emissions losses.

    Key Benefits
    The HMT Retro-Fit Mechanical Shoe Seal’s primary benefits include:
  • Compatibility — compatible with most stored products
  • No gapping — maintains a tight seal even with wide-ranging rim spaces and tank abnormalities
  • Long life — key components made from stainless steel, ensuring spring longevity and long-lasting seal performance
  • Low maintenance — workhorse design and materials
  • Flexibility — Provides a safe and effective solution to add mechanical shoe seal to existing AIFRs
  • Strength — Compression ring stiffens existing rim to strengthen existing floating roof
  • Buoyancy — Provides added buoyancy at the perimeter where it’s needed most
    Key Design Features
  • Supported by a system of buoyant pontoons; each pontoon is held in place by extruded structural aluminum framing for excellent strength and rigidity
  • Constructed of materials that are compatible with most stored products including gasoline, crude oil, benzene, ethanol, methanol, toluene, naphtha, MTBE, ETBE and TAME
  • Each HMT seal is designed and sized to fit the specific tank and floating roof dimensions
  • Premium fabrics for long-life and durability of vapor barrier
  • Premium fabrics for long-life and durability
  • Horizontal and vertical rim mounts
  • Designed with guidance from EPA and local regulations